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The je ne sais quoi of your image starts here!


The stylists that work at LuxLab have been in the industry for a combined experience of nearly a century! And when you collect that much experience in one room, you start to notice things.

One of the things we’ve noticed is how important the self-image of our clients is to them, and we think that is just awesome! So we put together this page to highlight one of the reasons our clients love to get their hair done by the master craftspeople at LuxLab Salon.

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Fashion trends dance an intimate tango with hair design.


Fashion and style trends are intimately connected to their source - the contemporary leaders of trends! Whether movie stars, Instagram influencers, or fashion advertising, aesthetics constantly get challenged, pushed and refreshed, and the trends follow.

For the culturally initiated, the image of a person is the flow, the shape and movement of the whole aesthetic. The demeanor needs to match the physical features, which get accented and controlled by clothing, accessories and especially hair design! When thinking about a look, the hair is often the most important piece of the puzzle’s whole - it’s the hair that gives permission to everything else.

Having fabulous hair that succeeds at making way for a great look that represents you is the key to the je ne sais quoi, or that special thing that makes you, you. The reality of good taste is that it is not compatible with quantity or volume. It seems to be a universal law that when one has good taste, it is always bespoke and custom. No matter how innovating our industry becomes, no matter how efficient we get at running businesses and doing our work, true craftsmanship takes passion, it takes time and it takes undivided focus.

This is the main reason why our stylists can only work with a limited number of clients each day - true craftsmanship of image takes mastery, it takes undivided focus, and it takes a passionate few to come together under one banner to serve the good tastes of our sophisticated clientele.

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Have a LuxLab craftsman pin together your new, custom tailored and definitively "you” style.

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